We present the facts - you make a conclusion.

We present the facts – you make a conclusion.

CBC – the first international television channel in Azerbaijan – has taken an energetic start to tell the world about the joys, problems, victories and achievements of the country. The channel broadcasts around the clock and covers a wide territory: from the European part of Russia to the Indian subcontinent, from the Balkan Peninsula to the eastern border of China. There is a unified system of information selection in CBC news, taking into account the specifics of the broadcasting language of each of the three editions. The editorial policy is not to give ratings, to bring the points of view of all sides of events. Today, the creative and technical capabilities of CBC allow to create quality and rating programs of a wide variety of genres. Our task is to quickly and efficiently provide each viewer with material, on the basis of which he can form his own opinion.

Link to the website – CBC.AZ

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